ROAST and Nextbase achieve dash cam domination in UK search results

The client

Nextbase is the market leading dash cam brand in the UK.


Nextbase’s objective was simple, they wanted to become the Number 1 ranking dash cam brand in the UK.


Our first 6 months focused on technical workarounds with the theme to improve Google’s accessibility of the site and content optimisations to obtain featured snippets. Our initial work proved positive, but we eventually realised we hit a glass ceiling with the current website and its restrictions.

Our SEO and Devs worked closely to create a new scalable, search-friendly website. The new site addressed many technical issues which weren’t fixable in the old CMS and enabled the SEO team to make changes quicker. This streamlined the processes of editing and optimising the site leading us to achieve Nextbase’s objective of becoming the Number 1 ranking dash cam brand in the UK.


Position 1

rankings for ‘dash cam’ and ‘dash cams’


featured snippets


organic traffic


Nextbase is now the number 1 ranking brand for dash cam queries in the UK.

Through technical and content optimisations we obtained position 1 rankings for “Dash cam” and “Dash cams” (up from position 14), improving traffic by 73% YoY 2019 vs 2018 (Jan-Oct)

Alongside improvements in non-brand traffic, we obtained 141 featured snippets since 2017 which improved brand visibility for long tail dashcam queries.

What the client says

“We have been working with ROAST for almost three years now and the fantastic results we have achieved together have enabled our business to grow to the point that we are now dominating the UK market whilst expanding globally. I would highly recommend ROAST to any growing business.”

Bryn Brooker

Head of Marketing at Nextbase